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ufifa16coins | 16.6.5 Build/Steam Summer Sale

The Summer Sale is underway now on Steam and Fragmented is half off ($9.99) during the sale. If you or your friends were looking to pick up Fragmented now is a good time to purchase it. The Summer Sale ends on July 4.

16.6.5 is mostly a bug fixing patch as we identified a few remaining larger issues and fixed them.

The 2 larger issues fixed are opening corpse containers and not getting the window to loot them. This was mostly noticeable if the container moved quite a bit after death (or fell into the water). Also fixed are issues with swapping weapons out with the hotbar that could result in the item lost (mostly under higher latency).

We made some adjustments to the difficulty of lower level NPCs as well and will continue to make tweaks due to the recent AI tweaks.


  • Fixed a bad translated word into Spanish.
  • Adjusted the camera on the vehicle again. Should be less jarring again.


  • Slightly decreased the difficulty of low level NPCs.

User Interface 

  • Increased the maximum height of tooltip widgets so more information can be displayed.

Vehicles and Mounts 

  • You can now manage your map markers while you drive a vehicle.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue which could cause items on your cursor to disappear if you dropped them onto certain pieces of some windows.
  • Other players should no longer appear bald when removing their helm.
  • Fixed an issue with corpses and distance checks. This should fix the corpse window not opening if the corpse box moved a decent distance (say down a hill or into the water).
  • Fixed a bug which could cause your weapon to be placed in odd places if your character was tall or short.
  • Fixed an issue which could confuse the server after you unequipped an item. 
  • Fixed an issue where the owner of a vehicle would not show in the status bar when on a server.
  • Fixed health updates not working on the status bar for vehicles on a server.
  • Fixed a double send issue in harvesting messages.
  • Fixed an issue with swapping weapons/armor out using the hotbar in some cases with some moderate lag it could delete or "replace" an item as a result. It should now do a better job checking the inventory to make sure the data is not stale before making the swap.
  • Fixed some more issues with high latency and dragging of items in the inv.
  • Fixed a dupe bug.
  • Corrected an issue where turrets had the wrong name.


Comment:ufifa16coins | 16.6.5 Build/Steam Summer Sale

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