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ufifa16coins | 16.6.6 Build - Summer Sale Ends Monday

ufifa16coins |  16.6.6 Build - Summer Sale Ends Monday

We finish up the month heading into July with some more bug fixes and a few feature improvements including a major adjustment to the Housing Structure placement system.

Structure Placement should be easier now due to rotation being a fixed value now instead of based on the player's rotation. Rotation is also stored after placing a structure so if you are trying to line them up it will be much easier (example for walls). There is also a new "Adjust Location" mode is added to manually adjust the position and rotation independent of using the mouse for finer control. You should see see continued improvement and more options in July for this system.

In addition to this, we added back a species from Repopulation, the Vulture. They hit a bit harder than Setlangs, but have less health.

Finally, bug squashing continued with fixes to weapon meshes disappearing when swapping in 1st person and reload fixes for online play. Some fixes were made to the foliage system (another issue was reproduced pending fixing as well) and fixed another issue with melee weapons not "registering" as hitting when swung the first time after being equipped.

The Steam Summer Sale ends Monday. If you wish to pick up Fragmented for 50% off be sure to pick it up over the weekend. (Thanks Spazfrag for the screenshot)


  • Added new sound effects for turrets and tanks.


  • Added new acid spit particles.


  • When placing or moving a housing item, the rotation of the item will no longer change with character movement. The "Rotate Structure" keys can still be used to change the rotation. After setting down an item, whether via placement, moving, or adjustment, that final rotation will be used as the initial rotation for any newly placed items. 
  • Structure and prop blueprints can now be stacked.
  • Introduced a new "Adjust Location" feature, available on all placed housing items (except for turrets). The feature uses the "Rotate Structure" and "Raise/Lower Structure" keys to rotate or move the item. Movement is done along a chosen X, Y, or Z axis.


  • Introduced a new species that will be familiar to players of The Repopulation. The Vulture species is a low level scavenging species. They deal more damage than Setlang, but have less hit points.


  • Slightly increased pet damage scaling for pets above level 8.


  • Vulture Legs can now be harvested from the corpses of vultures. They provide little nourishment but can be eaten without being cooked.
  • Using a skinning stone or an axe on a vulture corpse has a chance to provide a Vulture Carapace. These items will be used in a number of new and upcoming recipes. They are an uncommon harvest, however.
  • You can now obtain Lesapen Seeds, though it requires a calibrite or steel knife to do so.

Trade Skills 

  • Players with a 9+ Subsistence skill can now Genetically Engineer Vultures. 
  • Introduced two new Textiles recipes which allow you to create reinforced helmets using Vulture Carapaces and existing leather armors.
  • Lesapen Fruit can now be grown from seed. This plant requires a moderate level of nitrogen and plenty of water.

User Interface 

  • Ranged weapons will now continue to fire after reloading if you are holding down the left mouse button.
  • Manual Server Information is now saved so you don't have to enter it each time you launch the client.

Vehicles and Mounts 

  • You can now flip a vehicle using a crowbar anywhere on the vehicle now (before you had to be near the driver side of the vehicle).
  • Passengers can now train skills, view stats, or use consumables.


  • Adjusted mob distributions world wide to allow for the new Vulture species.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue with reloading on a server where it would continue to fire even when reloading.
  • Fixed an issue with weapons being removed when armor broke.
  • Fixed the weapon meshing disappearing when in 1st person mode when playing online when swapping weapons.
  • Added /info fixitemdata to fix any items that for some reason did not have itemData on them.
  • You can no longer flip a vehicle with a crowbar if there are passengers in it.
  • The top performer system is now working properly in engagements.
  • Fixed an issue with removing foliage from the client on a server when initially logging in.
  • Fixed a branch of code which could prevent player tracking during engagements under the right circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with initial swing of a melee weapon not hitting its target (resource or creature) when first starting the game or swapping to melee weapon.


Comment:ufifa16coins | 16.6.6 Build - Summer Sale Ends Monday