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ufifa16coins - 7 Important Additions To FIFA 17: New Story Mode and Frostbite Engine

The coming season of FIFA will feature two new game-changing additions along with a couple of supplemental tweaks, updates and upgrades.The pre-release promotions are keeping the marketing team and sponsors on their toes. The four faces on the box who are the ambassadors of FIFA 17 this year- James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus have actually been the consultants in the development of the new game.

ufifa16coins - 7 Important Additions To FIFA 17: New Story Mode and Frostbite Engine

7 Important Additions To FIFA 17

There are actually seven influential additions to the FIFA squad.

1. FIFA 17 gets Frostbite Engine

The frostbite game engine that has been developed by EA Dice is responsible for the stunning graphics seen in the Battlefield series. A host of EA’s new big releases namely Battlefield 1: Mirror’s Edge, Catalyst and Mass Effect: Andromeda would be powered using this technology besides FIFA 17. FIFA has been working on the new engine from the past two years and is now super-excited on the new experiment an d the results it would bring.

ufifa16coins - 7 Important Additions To FIFA 17: New Story Mode and Frostbite Engine

“We’ve been working on this transition for over two years – it was a massive undertaking,”  Aaron McHardy, the producer told during a demo of the game. “It allows authentic, true-to-life action; we’re one step closer to making the game look real. Frostbite comes with a brand new rendering engine and a new toolset, allowing us to really bring the visuals to life.”

The matches would be now seen having new lighting and better animation during the series. Yes, but Frostbite is not a football simulation engine like all the previous ones. Moreover it is a general purpose technology.This would make FIFA 17 move to unrelated locations in newer pitches just as in an action-adventure. The overall effect of the engine on the game needs to be seen.

2. Story Mode:Journey

The most fascinating addition is the role playing adventure set within the FIFA is the Journey wherein a player signs in Alex Hunter who is going to start his career in a club chosen by the player. Among the games, there are scenes from Alex’s childhood and later life along with rival and friend Gareth Walker. Alex’s moves and utterances are chosen by the player at key-decision-making points.Would he be a modest or an arrogant player? The choices by the player would effect the description of the gameplay and affect Hunter’s relationship with teammates and the manager.

FIFA 17 Journey Mode Screenshot 4

Al the moves have a profound effect on the match plot. If you gets sent-off, you would be summoned by the manager to his office and furnish an explanation for the same. While obviously scoring a goal in a tense league match that is fateful for the result  would land you in an boasting interview with a television specialist after the match. The mode calls for trait points throughout the run and these be used to boost the attributes in any of the 15 areas like defending, dribbling or passing. Training in the special skills will affect the players development.

It is very much possible that FIFA’s development team had a consultation with Bioware on the organization of the  narrative-based games. Additional seasoned players like Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Marcus Rashford were also consulted in order to derive a right content of the game.

3. New Active Intelligence System

EA has tremendously improved the positioning technology which would make AI teammates can take more shrewd action. This is due to the understanding of graded differences of space. Prior to this,gaps in the opponents teams were thought to be best options available to run into and staying away from places positioning teammates was the norm. FIFA 17 would be characterized by creating gaps behind incoming defenders in place of automatically running forwards.“Your teammates are going to work hard,” said McHardy. “They’ll make more runs that are better and more specific to what your side is trying to achieve. There won’t be as many defensive stalemates.” Longer runs would be made by AI players that could even mean slipping out of position and diagonal runs would be used based upon the incoming pass angle.
Earlier, the players looked busier while making frenzied in and out movements in the football yard. it was definitely difficult to work out for a few matches. The new moves should result in more number of genuine runs and the animation should be able to indicate more complex moves.

4. New Attacking Techniques

Fifa 16 had featured “pass with purpose” that allowed midfielders perform a short forward pass along the field. The same functionality has now been imparted into the keeper throws, through balls and shooting. The new downward header system and driven finishes system, the power of the strike can be increased by upholding the button and tapping on it again in order to keep the ball low.
This would allow the Steven-Gerard styled shots to be directed to the corners.But the hands-on allowed the shot can be powered by turning on your back towards the goal and then quickly turning and letting the shot loose.

5. Re-writing Of set Pieces

The new freekick mechanic allows the movement of the player around in front of the ball that makes way for tremendous new possibilities like striking the ball through other means than the foot. The camera is continuously placed behind the player so that an account of the trajectory is continuously available to the player. There has also been a restructuring of the penalties with anew kicking mechanic and ability to vary the run-up. The goal may be approached at a slow pace or make a looped or curved loop to deceive the keeper.

The re has been complete makeover in the corner kicks. The taker gets a knapsack to help in aiming for the target that provides greater accuracy and a switch control for receiving players so that they can be better positioned. “We’re seeing more scrambles in the box now,” said McHardy. “We’re seeing goals like the one Ramos scored in the Champions League final, with the ball played in from a distance, a little flick on, then someone gets a toe to it right in front of the keeper.”

As for the throw-ins, players can now run near to the touch-line and  make up and down movements and make fake throws to mislead the opponents.

6. Overhauling Of Physical Play

A pushback technology that takes control of their  sense of balancing during melees with opponent players. The system would be employing real-time contact interactions suggesting the uniqueness of each contact which has realistic consequences for the characters involved. For instance, if a player in control of the ball pushes back an opponent can gain extra balance and snub off the opponent. This is a level above the previous feature and offers an impact much greater than the physical collision detection system rendering control a greater part of the system. With physical controls placed exclusively in the left trigger, the conservative shielding and jostling mechanics have been changed. Additionally, there is a new shielded dribbling system that allows 360 degree movement for shielding the ball. shoulder-to shoulder tackles, step-ins and seal-outs are also present on the trigger. These are circumstantial and an intelligent system knows how to respond to these.

The left trigger also allows the players to control an dribbling down contested long-distance balls. “Up until now, if the ball was in the air, as long as one player pressed header, both had to go in and head it, you weren’t able to bring the ball down to your feet. It brings a whole new element to our in-air play. If you have a big string player upfront, you can take advantage of that and try to bring the ball down to start the attack from there.”

You can also collide with the goalkeepers and if you make them drop the ball, you might avail a free kick, though a sneaking goal might have one percent chance.

7. Focus on Player Distinctiveness

Now EA Sports want’s to reflect the unique skills and personalities of the players in the real sport. As a result, the game is going to make full-body capture of the performance of the players enhanced with new facial animation technology. There are three times more animations than FIFA 16 and the development team has done away with many of the first-touch errors.

“We’ve been working a lot on the fluidity of sprint dribbling,” says McHardy. “We want to make sure we bring back the edge of players like Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, players who have a lot of pace. Last year we felt we lost the edge of those players, we’re bringing it back, but we want to do it in a way that we don’t break that midfield build-up.”

There are still many unanswered questions and EA has made up its mind on providing the answers on the game and mode a little later. Though there are hints of graceful simulations incorporated with the  short hands-on functionality being given to players.The extra time needed on pitch and newer tweaks are still being worked on.

Whether the fans would prefer the narrative campaign in simulation would govern the success of the new up-gradation. It may work out since the players are more involved in personal action. Or it could just be a disaster show like the Need For Speed series. Time will answer this Big Question.


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