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Check out OWConsoleLeague tonight for XBONE eSports on ufifa16coins

While the PC scene for competitive Overwatch is way stronger, there are some ways to enjoy watching and playing on console as well. One of the parties that is helping make that possible: OWConsoleLeague.

eSports has always been stronger on PC, compared to console. Without getting too pcmasterrace on you, the pc market is just much more accessible and profitable for both game developers and event organizers. This means that gamers with top notch controller skills have hardly had any chances to break through as eSports athletes. 

And then Overwatch showed up, and the plan to have PS4 and XBONE versions at launch was received with cheers. Since launch, console enthusiasts have slowly but surely been building somewhat of a competitive scene for console. One of those parties is OWConsoleLeague. 

Later today, OWC will continue with their string of showmatches. Four of the best console teams have been invited. Now is the best moment to get familiar with a new Overwatch meta and the many things that come with console gaming. Did you know for instance that Widowmaker sees almost no play, because of the difficulty of getting those snipes with a controller? Or the fact that because of this, and because of her projectiles, Pharah is a true staple. Torbjörn's turrets got nerfed before, but still get good value, which might be part of why Genji is played so often. All of this and more is what makes console Overwatch different, and exciting to watch.


7 PM CT Thursday/2 AM CEST Friday, in just over 2 hours!

Where:, casted by ViViTetra & Linko


  • Two showmatches on XBONE
  • BO3's, Stopwatch with Single Hero Limit
  • Erased versus Killjoy
  • Paradigm versus Team Solo Queue

For those unfamiliar with the teams, a bit of history:

Paradigm is by far the best team on XBONE right now, they have won all of the events they enter in, and aren't looking to end any time soon. The roster itself previously played competitive Destiny, and formed the basics of their teamwork over there. Erased is arguably another top 3 team, that has been improving at a rapid rate lately. Their opponents Killjoy are good competitors however, and have equally been improving a lot. Finally TSQ includes some notable Smite players, and can bank on that competitive experience to keep a level mind. They will need it though, to take on Paradigm without getting tilted.

For more competetive OW news, follow @GosuOverwatch.


Do you play Overwatch on console or PC?

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Comment:Check out OWConsoleLeague tonight for XBONE eSports on ufifa16coins