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Daum Games Q&A -

Daum Games Q&A -


Recently PvtWiggles held his second Q&A with Daum Games, and thanks to reddit user Villentrenmerth there is a transcript available.


Daum Games Q&A


Is there going to be released a Siege War tutorial? [29:20]

Yes. Each season is updated with different ruleset. NA/EU is going to be released with improved Warfare Concept of Season 4, which not only carters to big groups but also smaller guilds and clans. Online webpage-style Siege Manual and Siege Tutorial will be introduced. There is also “siege rehearsal” period planned, which will also award silver for the siege winners but will be followed by full or partial wipe.


When Guildhouses are arriving? [33:50]

Valencia Part I.


What are the plans behind Class Balance? [34:35]

Each player has different opinions and levels about their and other classes. Developers are aware that in certain situations some classes have advantage, but it is not described as OP. Developers are eager to improve the balance all scenarios but this on-going process is very time consuming. Nothing to be addressed in the short term.


Will basic Dyes added for in-game currency? [38:05]

Currently no. NA/EU would like to offer some more in terms of customization but there are no conclusions.


What about Desync? [39:00]

We are aware that especially melee classes are affected by Desync. However Valencia and Hacking issues are being prioritized first.


How investing Energy affects the Node drops? [41:30]

Official statement from developers: It does affect rare drops such as Witch Earring and Ogre Ring. Even if your Node level is maxed out RNG can still fuck you up.

No benefit from investing Energy into Towns or Worker Nodes. Developers are however considering revamping this system.


Revamping Mail system? [44:31]

“Receive All” button will be added soon.


Guild Journal fix? [45:33]

It will take a bit of time. This could be done after Valencia update finished.


Adding Family name to the Guild Chat? [46:22]

Counts to the same QOL category as previous 2 issues. Chat settings are planned to be improved. Feature is being discussed.


Are we getting Night Vendors? [48:22]

Yes, with no specified time frame. This feature is expected to be deployed AFTER Valencia update. Developers plan to unify versions across all regions.


Are Field Bosses intended to be catch-up mechanics? [50:20]

It was requested at Alpha/Beta stages to release game with this contest. Developers are aware that current system favors strong players to get richer. Loot system should be in reach for everyone participating in the boss fight. More fair system is being discussed. No information on the final shape of the “fair” system. Revamp is planned. Bosses are not going to be removed at any point.


When we could be expecting Awakenings? [55:00]

It is most likely being to be split from Valencia update, release is planned after Valencia Part II. Progress on Awakenings is not finalized. Preferred scenario is to release all available awakenings (that is: excluding Wizz, Ninja, Kuno) at the same time.


Is Valencia content going to be restricted only for the best geared players? [59:00]

You don’t require high upgrades to enjoy Valencia content, but it’s aimed at higher level players so it will require a lot of preparation.


Is Valencia content going to be restricted only for the best geared players? [59:00]

You don’t require high upgrades to enjoy Valencia content, but it’s aimed at higher level players so it will require a lot of preparation.


Are hidden stats going to be revealed? [1:06:54]

No. Deal with it. Also, BDO is receiving content update at a very fast pace, and releasing info about hidden stats would expose the developers to potential criticism of players who are dissatisfied with the changes. BDO also promotes players who take additional effort to explore the unknown mechanics, like Amity minigame for example.


When are we getting Ninjas? Will there be any catch-up to level up Ninja/Kuno faster? [1:14:10]

NA/EU version is waiting for rebalancing N/K classes on KR. Once that is done they will be added to our version. There is no plan of “boosters” favoring particular class to level up faster, but the “bonus XP event” might be introduced.


What the hell with no XP loss in PVP? [1:15:57]

Main intention was to make the death less punishing for lower level players who were bullied by dominating groups in the prime hunting areas. Valencia Patch will unlock the Open-World PVP content again. Current system might be improved by disabling constant ressing at the spot, and returning back to the nearest town instead.


What is the idea about Buy Order feature for Marketplace? [1:24:01]

Reservation system will be introduced. Any player can can place a bid on an item and if he is highest bidder and when the item is listed he will receive the item.


How can cooldown bar visibility and location can be adjusted? [1:26:01]

Will be added to QOL-Bucket and could be introduced in new patches.


Can party loot distribution be improved? [1:26:58]

There are some plans, but currently there are no details on this issue.


Is there any plan to introduce additional rewards or form of progression from PVP? [1:30:05]

Except Red Battle Field adding progression through PVP might introduce exploitable system. Win-Trading or XP-Farming would destroy the intention of progression through PVP. There are planned some additional rewards from holding a Castle, for example better Amity with NPCs around your area or unique NPC interactions. Season 4 might introduce “crown” helmet.


When are we getting hunting? [1:33:50]

As for now it’s planned for Valencia Part I. Big Whale is not confirmed in that patch.


Are there any unique features planned for NA/EU? [1:34:40]

There are no unique features for NA/EU, but there is planned renewed Skill Awakening System, that progression will allow you to choose which Skill Awakening you receive, and not be as random as currently, or might be disconnected from Memory Fragment price.


Are we going to have RNG Dye system eased via Pallet of Merv? [1:36:22]

This feature in it’s current state is not desirable (can only color the item that is currently not colored). Changes are being discussed.


What is the Publisher’s and Developer’s opinion on the BDO release? [1:38:52]

Developers want to continuously improve the Quality of BDO, through multiple ways not only through new content releases. This task is not finished, but the game is planned to be adapting and changing in the next year to smoother in both PVP and PVE aspects.


Why Alchemy Stone upgrade system has been modified? [1:42:36]

Generally speaking there is no feature in the game that guarantees profit, except pure grinding. Even crafting can only be optimized through very intensive effort. Game is intended to provide alternate ways to progress without a single “no-brainer” activity.






For the full video please head to PvtWiggles YouTube page and support him for holding this Q&A.


A big thank you to both PvtWiggles for doing the Q&A and to reddit user Villentrenmerth for making the transcript you see above.




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