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New Ideas And Features For FIFA 16 Wishlist

FIFA 16 most probably be announced at the E3 Conference on June 2015, and all die hard fans are very eager to share their thoughts or wishlist. EA has not yet officially announced the FIFA 16 but confirmed the game is in works, so now all the fans have great excitement for FIFA 16. To increase the excitement here we present the wishlist.

New Ideas And Features For FIFA 16 Wishlist

FIFA 16 Wishlist

FIFA 16 wishlist is as follows:
1. Scouting Network:

This feature is mainly used for finding players and making recommendations to the manager, so what we want is that it should globally unmask the player OVR for all players that have been fully scouted. It should also show player’s potential as a value range once fully scouted.

2. Very Little & Innovative Changes:
Players, staff and coach’s arrival in the stadium with buses.
Players reactions to tempers as celebration shirt off when scoring, though FIFA 15 as various emotions added which are also very attractive.
Stretchers or even mini vans entering the pitch at the advancement of injuries.
Analyst team after the first and second halves in studio with their predictions.
Celebrations big matches with players having medals on their necks by the guests of honor and managers thrown into the air by players for winning the match.
Referees and linesmen interacting in crucial decisions involving goals, fouls and manager’s dismissal.
The FIFA 15 tag line was “FEEL THE GAME”. This might be a hint, as now EA developers are focusing to make the game more real as it appears in the live matches. EA is now shifting from developing just a game with a ball and a few players to more creative, advanced and the lively FOOTBALL game.

In FIFA 15, the commentary has been improved a lot, but still needs to be better and more commentators should be added to give diversity in the game.

3. Conservation Stat:
Those who love to play FIFA have always had a disappointment point after completion of all the seasons, as they are not able to see their champions league winners or their previous winning goal and all this happens due to the refreshment of the stat of players and team after each season game.

So what we want is to show the previous stats so as players can view recall their winning glimpses and boost their energy.

4. Tactical Side:
FIFA 15 has endorsed same moves into the game-play, which are only loved by the fans and critics, but there must be some more changes as like changes which we have seen recently in FIFA 15, is the increase in some player tactical ranking along with adding a new feature as of PHY(Physica) fitness.

5. Live Press:
This feature can add more realism as Live press conference along with player’s interview after match would allow the players to feel the game. Older players ranking should not be degraded too easily.


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